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Buying in 2022

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

As she toured the 5th house of the day ,I watched with concern as my client sat in her car visibly distraught, the despair wore on her face as she began to hold her head in her hands and begin to angrily voice her warranted frustrations . She was definitely irritated by the now months long home search and of course the whole bidding process. She was understandably defeated by the overwhelming price escalations and limited inventory. This single parent with an 450k approval was facing the challenges that many families have endured over the last few years. She was even more visibly upset when she saw a line of several would be buyers and agents begin to form around the current home that she felt was perfect for her.

As a skilled Realtor /Broker my role is to aid in finding quality homes for potential home owners , to be a conduit in negotiating the terms of the contract, to facilitate the intricate steps in the buying the process.

Many eager buyers believe that throwing more money into an offer price will win them the deal, when in fact the listed price is a mere suggestion. There are other important factors in building a sound offer that makes sense on both sides of the transaction. Namely ,Market value, Appraisal Gap, inspections, rent backs, etc. and lastly guessed it , working with a pleasant and professional Realtor. Presentation does go a long way in the art of home buying.

Realtors must be 100% transparent with their client, the most major part of the buying process is managing the clients expectations. Obviously every buyer-seller situation is different, I personally have not had one purchase that has been exactly the same in years.

Even with our best intentions, Buyers must do their part to ensure that they do escape the rental hamster wheel. Connect with your favorite Realtor - lender for a winning strategy.

Buying a home is easier than you think, let's get to it!

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